About JB-I Communications

JB-I Communications is the brain child of Jochem Binst, a seasoned global communications leader  with a knack for turning strategic needs into tangible results. His career spans over 25 years, during which he led the communications function of several stock listed companies. Jochem started his career as the official spokesperson of a minister in the Flemish government (Belgium). A truly global communicator, he has a network on every continent, except Antarctica.


The mission of JB-I Communications is to offer best-of-breed communication, public affairs and marketing services to its customers. JB-I Communications resolutely goes for gold at the Olympic Communications Games. We resolutely go for gold, in a close and sustainable collaboration with customers and partners.


The “I” in JB-I Communications stands for its values, which conveniently all start with an “I”:

  • Integrity: Integrity is an important part of our DNA. We believe that the only way we can create long-term, sustainable value for our customers, is to adhere to the highest integrity standards in all of our actions.
  • Intelligence: With intelligence, we mean two things:
  1. We base all of our actions on intelligence and market knowledge. Our approach is data driven and not based on a hunch.
  2. We are smart and agile, and get a kick out of finding the best strategic and tactical approach in rapidly changing environments.
  • Innovation and creativity: We gladly think out-of-the-box to find the right method and approach to make our customer shine.  We closely involve our customers in our thinking process and are convinced that teamwork makes the dream work.